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I'm in Featured Artists der artists.de Redaktion!!!! More information and a text by art curator Dr. Stefanie Lucci about my work you can find at (english version) here!!!

Joanna Latka
from Poland
*1978, lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal

With vibrant vivacity Joanna Latka traces the life of Lisbon. Distinctive and typical architecture, public places with their caf�s, traffic, and social cooperation. Everthing characteristic of this city is being portayed by Joanna Latka in a charming and loving way. Joanna Latka also portrays herself - you can find her in a red dress in different episodes and situations, creating the impression of a diary or a cartoon-story.

Crooked perspectives, streets that flow into the picture, street-lights which seem to have a life of their own create a strange dynamic and athmosphere of the city. It seems as if her drawings would instantly start to live. Her lively stroke is capable of making you feel the wind blowing through the alleyways and making you hear the raindrops drumming agains umbrellas or even the people chatting in the patios. Joanna Latkas pictures are an invitation to Lisbon. (translated from the german essay)

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