GRIFO: new group exibition, Lisbon. Portugal.

Salgadeiras Gallery presents exhibition “Griffin” in its new space in Rua da Atalaia, with new works of Cláudio Garrudo, Helena Gonçalves, Jaime Vasconcelos, Joanna Latka, Marta Ubach, Pauliana Valente Pimentel, and Teresa Gonçalves Lobo, inspired in Fernando Pessoa’s book “Mensagem”.

New works by the resident artists of the Salgadeiras Gallery based on Fernando Pessoa’s “Mensagem”, which represent the multiple interpretations of this poem-book. “To the artists that participate in this exhibition, it was given total freedom of interpretation and creation of their own messages – and it could not be otherwise. Each one, in his artistic expression, concentrated his soul and thought in the aspects that most interested them, being aesthetics or politics. Like the multiple readings of the “Message”, we present the interpretations of these 7 artists, which shouldn’t be seen as illustrations because they are beyond the text, though created based on it. After all, God wills, Man dreams, the work is born.”, as Ana Matos (curator of the exhibition and director of the Salgadeiras Gallery) refers in the presentation text of the “Griffin”.

On Nov 15, for the occasion of the inaugural exhibition, the homonymous publication “Griffin” is going to be presented, with texts about the exhibition and works of the 7 artists. Like in Fernando Pessoa’s “Mensagem”, the publication is divided in 3 parts: Present, Past, and Future, compiling part of 11 years of history of the Salgadeiras Gallery.

Slagadeiras Gallery 
Rua da Atalaia, 12 a 16, Bairro Alto, Lisboa